Since a few days, Facebook Messenger let guests chat with your embedded chat window. This also enables users without a Facebook account to chat with you on your website.

Since last week (22 July 2020) there is a featured snippet linking to my blog when people search on Google. Since then I've seen url's that contain "#~:text=" in the URL. What's this about?

Split a file into smaller chunks

Published 23 July 2020

To limit the size of files being between our servers we chunk them before sending over the internet. The servers will make more requests but the it's easier to retry the smaller chunks than a full 50GB file.

Every wanted to make a custom error page for Laravel Signed Route?

De laatste tijd hebben wij veel automatisering doorgevoerd voor de klanten, waaronder verwerken van UBL facturen. Maar hoe weet je nu of Moneybird de facturen kan herkennen?

Some projects are made with Wordpress and contain information about Job Posting. To get these pages sooner in the Google index I use Rank Math with the "Wordpress Instant Indexing Plugin". Want to know how you can set up this plugin? I explain more about it in this post!

This is a topic that's a bit difficult to explain and what is "a lot of visitors". In this post I tried to explain how we (in the projects I've been working on) setup our applications to handle millions of visitors every month.

This list contains some extra (security) headers for sites/servers you deploy using Laravel Forge.

Little inline caches for when a method is called multiple times within a request and don't want to "re-compute" that value.

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HTML form input "enterkeyhint"

Published 15 April 2020

User agents can support the "enterkeyhint" attribute on form controls.

Large or long-lived applications can have this issue, a huge list of migration files that were created more than a few years ago. These will never change again and are slowing down your tests. How can you improve this?

Just a reminder for myself. Fix your commit messages if they contain misspelled words...

Google Indexing API for Laravel

Published 20 March 2020

Almost all the projects I work on are built on Laravel. For those projects, I needed a simple way to index pages inside Google. Let's make this with Google Indexing API.

I don't want to enable xdebug for my normal PHPUnit test but only for the coverage report. Therefor I made a shortcut.

By the end of September 2019 I challenged myself to get a website to a 100 score in Lighthouse. But why is this important?

Voor een aantal webshops, welke facturen versturen via Moneybird nadat er een succesvolle betaling is gedaan, had ik een probleem waarbij de eindklanten vragen stelde over een ontvangen factuur. "Waarom krijg ik een factuur met een te betalen bedrag erop terwijl ik net heb betaald via iDEAL?".

As mentioned in my previous blogpost, "Composer dependencies up-to-date?", I continue with the automated composer checks. This time I took a look at Sensiolabs security checker.

As you all know, it's really important to keep all your composer dependencies up-to-date. Laravel has a weekly release, so here are a few ways to check how you can do this!

Some of the websites I made don't need to be updated very often, but they receive in some periods a lot of traffic within minutes. To make the website faster and reduce the amount of database queries executed I want my CDN (in this case, Cloudflare) to cache those static pages for 5 minutes.

I want my site to show as and not in the search results or any other place, but how do you handle the removal of www in your application so you don't lose your visitors?

The most important and used endpoints on most of the application I work on is the API. These are both public as internal API's. After we disabled the HTTP sessions for the API endpoints we saw a stability improvement.

Sometimes people don't link to the secure (https) version of your site, this can be an old link or the user who placed the link is just lazy to add the extra character.

I've discovered an unwanted behaviour in one of my projects. This was not used to be so, Google indexed a url with index.php in it and gave a duplicate canonical notification.

When you have Laravel Valet installed on your Mac and uses the Sharing feature from MacOS there will be a program running on port 88. It's an authentication method connected to AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) or SMB (Samba) file sharing. To disable it, you have to disable the sharing features on your mac.